Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Progress is Finally Happening

It has been a long time and there has been many things that have gone on since the last post.  Since the Last post the frame has been completely stripped and the bent section where my grandmother backed into a fire hydrant cut out of the frame so that it can be straightened.  I just left the garage and it finally feels like there is a little progress being made.  With all the pieces of the frame bent back into shape they are starting to go back together.  

Tacking the straightened pieces back to the frame.

Frame width measurements all match the original drawings.

Since the overall length of the frame did not match side to 
side, 1/2" spaces were used to make sure the dimensions 
were correct side to side.  Picture above is with all the spaces 
tack welded into place.
Top and side pieces fully welded in and ground smooth.
Finally a smooth looking frame.  Not looking bad after a couple hours
worth of work.

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